Deep Peace

Swedish, Reiki,

 myofascial/cranial sacral release

pressure point shiatsu

Focusing on the spine, & nervous system.

shoulders, and back.

Promoting~ energy flow, (vitality)

reduction of back pain, more flexibility,

& a calmer nervous system.



 Chakra Session

Assist, to balance the chakra's  with Reiki, & Swedish massage.

Allow, release of past trauma, & pain in the body~associated w/ corresponding muscles and systems~associated w/ the meridians.



Calm Session

Abhyanga Warm Oil Massage

A  soothing & healing massage for that body & the spirit.

Restore balance to the body and experience a sense of wellbeing and harmony with this ancient healing massage. Herb-infused oils are gently warmed and lightly massaged into the skin using soothing friction strokes. As the oils penetrate the skin, toxins and impurities are loosened, reducing muscle tension,

 and calming the nervous system.