Kundalini Yoga



Hi, I am Kivi:

I have been practicing massage, 

and energy healing

 for over 13 years:

-Kundalini Yoga Instructor

-Intuitive therapeutic & holistic healer

-Certified Cupping Instructor

-Meditation Instructor

-Spiritual Yoga Coach

I have been blessed by many exceptional teachers, that, 

have opened up my awareness, to various modalities, i.e.;

Intuitive & Therapeutic Massage, 


 Energy Healing, Cupping,  

Kundalini Yoga, Pranayam & Meditation Techniques

It am enthusiastic about practicing, energy work/massage,

& helping others to feel better in their lives:

(more relaxed, more energized, more connected to self/ others.

I am devoted to to my meditation practice. As well, as

teaching Kundalini Yoga tools, & techniques for;

 self- healing, inner happiness & peace of mind.