Kundalini Yoga



Hi,  my birth name is Kivi, and my spiritual name is Meher Kirpal Kaur,

(in a nut shell~it translates to ,

 "I am, the embodiment of compassion, kindness & mercy.")

This is something that I strive towards~ in my vibrational frequency,

 meditations, and daily transactions.

 What I have come to understand, fully, is that it all starts with me~

thusly~having compassion kindness towards, myself. first. 

This is something that~ I take into my practice, and hope to

 communicate/share throughout my sessions~

with my clients~to, hopefully, ensure a safe, and nurturing 

environment for self-care, and healing on physical, and spiritual level.

I have been practicing massage, and energy healing for over 12 years. 

I am, also, a Kundalini Yoga Instructor, and dedicated yogini. 

I have been blessed my many exceptional teachers, and healers, that, 

have opened up my awareness, to various modalities, i.e.;

Intuitive  & Structural Massage, Reiki Healing, 

 Cupping, Yogic Pranayam  & Meditation Techniques

I am passionate about practicing energy work/massage,

& helping others to feel better in their lives~

more relaxed, more energized, more connected, & in less physical pain.

I am~off the chart enthusiastic~ 

about teaching Kundalini Yoga tools, & techniques, for self- healing.

Off the Grid~you may find me~

 practicing yoga, meditating., 

writing poetry, & short stories, 

 out in nature~hiking or camping,

 (up on the Mogollon Rim), or 

with my friends~at a yoga retreat.

Favorite Music: Kirtin 

Favorite Food: Indian

Favorite Time's of Day: Sunrise ( for, sadhana)

Favorite Color: Rainbow

Favorite Ice cream/s:  Fresh Coconut

Favorite Sound: The Ocean